The mission of Infotek Consulting Services is to deliver contract professional services of outstanding quality, competence, performance and objectivity by providing the most highly skilled IT professionals at a competitive price. Whether your need is the right expert at a specific time during a project, or to temporarily augment your team with a number of highly skilled IT professionals, Infotek will dedicate its expertise to ensure your success.

Infotek's engagement model is based on time and materials billing at competitive per diem or hourly rates. Our process ensures superior response time in understanding your needs, providing the right candidates for interview, and getting them engaged in your project.


Clients choose Infotek because we provide some of the best technical talent in North America through a clear and tested process. Infotek's rigorous screening confirms the qualifications of our candidates through the completion of supervisory references, multiple in-person interviews with trained recruiters and managers, and technical and soft skill assessments. Infotek professionals can deliver success in any stage of your IT project lifecycle.

Within this model, Infotek's unique service portfolio offers three distinct services:

> IT Consulting
> Staff Augmentation
> Co-Managed Sourcing

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