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  • Infotek Testimonial - Ivanna Marchenko Testimonial

    Ivanna Marchenko

    Senior IT Analyst

    “I was out of work for a couple months taking small jobs here and there. Since joining I've been fully employed for 3 years.”

  • Infotek Testimonial - Vihann Johar Testimonial

    Vihann Joher

    Senior Business Analyst Analyste d'Affaires Senior

    “Karen was really nice. I had a small problem with my timesheet once and she cleared it up in minutes.”

  • Infotek Testimonial - Zhang Wei Testimonial

    Zhang Wei

    Senior UI Designer

    “I say Infotek is the best! Great people. Great job to work.”

6 Keys to Getting Your Perfect Position

The first thing companies look for are the skills to do the job. Make sure your resume includes specifics and details of all key skills. Infotek works with you to match your real skills with job requirements.

Industry knowledge is one of the key factors in hiring today. What is the story your resume tells us? Infotek can help build that story when you sign-up for free.

Having a direct "in" to the company improves hiring chances by 68%. If it's a friend, relative, or former colleague that helps; but you can also use a firm. Infotek has strong connections with the largest IT companies.

We've introduced 1,000's of qualified professionals over the years and our clients expect the best from us. We've delivered time and time again. Infotek's reputation can get you that interview.

How do you carry yourself? What do you wear and how well do you communicate? Enthusiasm for the position, above all else, translates to success. Infotek will brief you on presentation before each interview.

Do you think Linkedin is the only source employers check? Well think again. Don't be surprised when your public digital profile is reviewed. Infotek can provide guidance on how to present yourself on social media.

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Infotek gains over 2,500 new applications every year, and places just under 1,000, to companies like yours. Whether full-time or contract staff, if you are looking for simple, yet quality, placement solutions, please contact our amazing team.

Project Delivery

Is your company starting a new project? Is it a technical project best suited for a highly skilled development team? If you're looking for a complete team to improve your company, click here to solve your problems.

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