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We understand that things change and that adaptability is key to delivering on client needs. Our creative approach to working with clients has been a key element of our success. We offer experienced high-quality IT professionals (both independent contractors and Infotek employees) at rates that deliver real value.

Our Expertise

Unlike other staffing companies we are focused on IT and technology based needs, which allows us to have a deeper understanding of the skills our clients require and the ability to manage this specialized human capital. Infotek is known throughout the IT staffing industry as a firm with a creative, cutting-edge approach to IT staff augmentation. We've built relationships with the best Canadian and American IT professionals and technology experts over the past 20 years in all major cities in Canada and the US. Infotek helps companies recruit and contract for local pre-screened IT resources at every organizational level, as they're needed. We tailor our submissions to your needs, culture and rate expectations to ensure quick recruitment and minimal time screening unsuitable resources.

  • 24,000 resume inventory
  • 3,000-3,500 applications/year
  • 2,000 interviews/year
  • 1,500 entretien / an
  • 800-900 placements/year

How can our company help you?

Contract Staffing

Sometimes the need arises to supplement a project, help your team go through a transition or get more bandwidth. Whatever the reason, when you have to find 1 or 100 contract resources, you need them fast. Along with finding the best people quick, Infotek manages the whole contract process so that it's risk free. This allows our clients to focus on the tasks that are most important - directing the project and managing their organization.

Permanent Placement

Infotek understands the complexities of recruiting and hiring full-time IT employees who fit your corporate culture and have the appropriate skills. Our team takes the time to understand your corporate environment and requirements so we can conduct a comprehensive and relevant search. We carefully screen candidates until we find the right person who will help your team and company shine.

Our Process

Built on our experience of over 10,000 placements our process is efficient and effective, minimizing the time our clients need to spend. It starts with the development of a recruiting profile including skills, experience, cultural fit and other factors. This profile is used to search our resume inventory and as necessary carry out proactive recruiting or skills building. As we identify candidates we check their qualifications:

  • Telephone pre-screening
  • Security Screening (where necessary)
  • In-person interviews
  • Minimum of 3 supervisory references
  • Confirmation of certifications
  • Technical testing
  • Behavioural testing

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